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Fitness on the Rocks!

Have you ever been to Red Rocks? For a concert? What about to workout?
Well last weekend I had the opportunity to shoot for Fitness On the Rocks, and it was a blast! I was jealous I wasn't there working out with everybody else, but I did sneak in ten minutes of a new Zumba that's coming out.
Fitness on the Rocks takes place every year at Red Rocks Amphitheater with three separate areas for classes. One being the main stage, second being the to platform, and third being a lower platform. It is the largest workout that has ever been organized in Colorado.
The whole day the lower platform hosted a cycle bar, which had a large line waiting behind it and he main/ second stages had workouts that included Total Body, Zumba, Body Combat, Yoga, and more! Even better, all stages had their very own DJ!
Now go ahead and check out some photos from the event! And stay tuned, I have some RiNo 5K images coming up!

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