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Abstract image creation at the Tip of your Fingers!

Ive been playing around with photoshop a lot this week. Trying to think of new and fun ways to transform images into art! I wanted to reach out and offer my editing hand to you!

I work for an app called Mendr, which you can download from the App Store. If you request a Tailor Edit, and find me (GingerFox) I can create these images for you too from an image of your choice! Take a look at some of my recent creations! Just leave a note in your comments that you'd like an abstract image, and based on what image you provide Ill choose the effect that fits best!

If you're new to Mendr, make sure to apply the promo code JessicaM for $1 off your edit! You can also try GingerFox for a promo code, I might have a few $5 credits left on that as well :) Hope to hear from you soon!

Check out this recent article on Mendr from Imaging Resource!

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