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The Denver Deluxe!

If you haven't been, it is a yearly Summer Music Festival Jam Block Party. There were three stages with different bands performing at all locations. A main stage in the street, a stage at 10 Barrel, and a stage at Park Burger. I only shot for a couple hours, but was able to enjoy Future Birds, Larry Nix and the Killer Gents, and Tea Leaf Green. There were Park Burgers, beers, and cocktails for sale and some was included in the price of your entry ticket depending on which one you chose! There was even live painting in the street for your enjoyment or you could venture into the restaurants and enjoy the shows from the rooftops while enjoying each place on its own.

Stay Tuned for Two Parts Event The Wild West Project, Coming this weekend!

And don't forget to download Mendr and use the promo code JessicaM for $1 off your first Tailor Edit!

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