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Cider Samples for Everybody!

Yesterday I attended the Pressed Conference for Two Parts. It was a Cider Festival at the Highlands Masonic Temple. Basically as you walk in you get a fancy glass and you walk around the festival and get it filled up as you wish! And at the end, you get to keep the glass, although I forgot mine at the entrance as I was taking extra photos :(

There were dozens of Cider Companies that attended, and it was a lot of fun! They had a band, Frisbee, and some Corn Hole! Each Tent had goodies to take home with you, so you could look them up later! I tried only about 2 or 3, but they were great!

Check out the images from the Festival, and make sure to attend next year!

And guys, the Real Dill was back this time. Which means, More Pickles!

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